Why Does the Bad Boy Always Get the Girl?

why girls like bad boys

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from N. Ashett.

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It is a question that nice boys have been asking themselves for generations. It’s also a question that women ask themselves constantly; why do I always go for the bad boy?

Now, what we need to figure out is whether it’s really true or whether it’s just something that we’ve been led to believe through movie and the media. Unfortunately it seems that everywhere I look I see bad boys getting with girls while my nice guy friends always lag behind, so what’s the big deal about bad boys? More importantly, what’s the solution?

Become a Bad Boy Player?

If this is the only option for solving the solution of the magnetic misbehaver always getting the girl then womankind is in for a rough ride. I mean, really? Is that what we have to look forward to now? Do all men have to become a dishevelled, dashing, dirty-talking idiot before we realise the attraction of the nice guy?

Bad boys do have their attraction for sure, but it’s the kind of destructive attraction that gets nice girls into trouble. They’re the boys that your mother warned you about and who will chat up your sister as soon as your back is turned. Please, men of the world, do not throw all of your dignity and good manners to the wind just because you think it might be more attractive women. In the end, you won’t be.

Just Be a Good Guy?

See the dilemma still remains that if you choose to be a gloriously good guy who always does the right thing, and never upsets the ladies you’re at risk of coming across as a bore. If you’re a total sweetheart she’ll still be more interested in your naughty friend. The secret is to strike a balance where you’re able to keep her on her toes, and be a little bit elusive and mysterious without being a total bad boy.

It’s really not that difficult. It all comes down to you not being a pushover but remaining chivalrous and retaining high morals. The girl of your dreams isn’t running after Mr. Bad because she knows he’ll break her heart, she’s doing t because she wants excitement in her life; you just have to be able to deliver that excitement.

The Answer to the Problem?

The only way of dealing with bad boy syndrome is to strike a balance. There is literally no other answer. You must don a leather jacket but keep your manners in check. Forget to call for a few days but be nice when you do get around to it. Tell her she’s sexy and beautiful but not in the way a mother would do it. It only takes a little practise but you’ll get there in the end.

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