Practical Tips to Make Him Fall in Love with You


You just got home after a first date with a guy and you have been so impressed by him that you are already wondering “Does he love me?” To be completely honest, the answer is probably no, especially after a first date. The good news is that you can make him fall in love with you in a few simple steps.

If you really like the guy and you see yourself next to him for a long time, don’t leave everything to faith. Take faith in your own hands and use your best features to seduce him. You are going to need determination and patience to succeed and you must be aware of the fact that you can easily do mistakes. Here’s how to avoid fatal mistakes and make a guy like you.

Show Your Best Features

Make use of all your positive qualities to attract him. If you are funny, spontaneous or creative, let him see this in you. Be careful not to overreact or to pretend to be something you are not. It’s not going to be in your best interest on the long run because he will realize you were pretending sooner or later.

Be Yourself

Most men are attracted by women who act naturally. This does not mean that you shouldn’t use make up to enhance your beauty. Make sure you don’t cross the limit here because if you are interested in a relationship with this guy he will see you without your make up at some point. You don’t want to scare him then. Just be yourself and try to draw attention on your natural beauty and on your real qualities.

Do Not Overreact!

Everybody says that in a relationship you need to keep your head on your shoulders and not to do crazy things. It’s a good advice because you don’t want the guy of your dreams to think that you are desperate and you would do everything to have him. It’s hard to remember this when you feel butterflies in your stomach, but it is in your best interest. After your first dates you probably can’t think of anything else but him. Show this to him, but only up to a point.

cupid bn 300x250 Practical Tips to Make Him Fall in Love with You Practical Tips to Make Him Fall in Love with You

Show Your Interest in Him

It’s good for that special guy to know that you are interested in him and that you like him. Contrary to the common misconception, not all men are irresistibly attracted by independent women. Admit that you can’t do everything by yourself and ask him to help you from time to time. There’s a thin limit here and you have to be careful.

Don’t Be Needy or Act Desperate in Any Way

Don’t play the mysterious and independent woman who doesn’t need him at all, but don’t let him think that you can’t even live without him either. Don’t overwhelm him with love messages after your first date, but let him know that you are thinking about him.

You need to find a way to transmit him that he means something to you without sending the wrong message: “I’m desperate to have you in my life.” Men like being appreciated but are scared by desperate women. It’s not as hard as you imagine showing him your interest without scaring him away.

Make Him Feel Important

Let him know that you enjoy his company and show interest in what he says. Show him that you care about his passions and hobbies and that you would like to know him better and to also know his friends. Don’t neglect the importance of the things he likes or his hobbies even though you might not be so completely fascinated about them.

Be Realistic

When you go out with a guy for the first times you might be tempted to see things in him which are not actually there. This is because you like him, but be careful to keep your sense of reality. Don’t imagine things about him and don’t put words in his mouth.

If you play your cards right and you are careful, you sure can make a guy fall in love with you. You can make him realize that you have a high chance of living a true love together if you act smart.

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