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12 Simple Ways to Get a Date

get a date

If you are standing right now and wondering “when will I find love?” then it’s time to do something to get yourself a date. It’s not as hard as you might think and you can meet a special someone even in the most unexpected places. You can’t meet singles and get a date sitting on your [...]

10 Proven Tips to Approach Women in Groups

approach women in groups

To be completely honest, the great majority of men are scared of approaching women in groups. Unfortunately, if you see a woman you like and wait until she remains alone, you might never have the chance to meet her. It is not impossible to approach women in groups as long as you have a good [...]

Dating Men: How to Ask a Guy Out

ask a guy out

In the past years, it was considered unacceptable for a woman to ask a guy out. Times have changed and now it’s not weird anymore. Nevertheless, there are many women out there wondering themselves how to ask a guy out. They are afraid that they might blow it and the guy might laugh at them [...]

Pros and Cons of Dating Your Best Friend’s Ex

dating your friends ex

Dating your best friend’s ex might turn out pretty tricky. It can be your chance of living a wonderful romance or it can ruin a beautiful friendship and be a total disaster for all those involved. Is Dating Your Best Friend’s Ex Permitted? You know what it says: in love and war, everything is allowed. [...]

Top Ten Things Men Love about Women

things men love about women

Knowing the things men love about women can be really helpful in a relationship. If you are aware about the things he loves in you, you can do them more often, you can perseverate in a good behavior and you’ll be able to have a happy relationship for many years. Find out which are the [...]

Top 10 First Date Conversation Topics for a Lasting Impression


First impression really matters and the way conversation goes at the first date might dictate whether or not that relationship is going to continue. Most people don’t have any first date ideas and have no clue on what they should say. This leads to awkward moments and might completely ruin the date. On the other [...]

Coping With Breakup – Random Things to Do After

Cope with a Break Up

By Patricia Crain Romantic breakups are a bitter pill to swallow. After sharing your heart with someone, you suddenly find yourself alone and wondering what you did wrong. So you spend your days and nights crying your heart out. For days, you don’t go outside your home. You don’t take your friends’ calls. In other [...]

Looking for a Free Christian Dating Site? Check out!

Christian Dating, Christian Friends, Christian Personals, Find Christian Women and Christian Men at Singles is a free Christian dating service for those who are interested in dating Christians singles. This online dating website caters to those looking for a long term relationship. Christian singles who just want to make friends are welcomed too. They have access to an unusually high membership base for a Christian dating network. Once you [...]

Casual Dating or Long Term Relationships- How to Take Your Relationship to the Next Level


The dating universe is an exciting and complex place where the rules are fast and ever-changing. When it comes to love and relationships, no one can tell what is going to happen in the near future. Still, there are some signs that can help you evaluate your current situation, so that you can decide what [...]

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