10 Simple Ways to Show Your Love

ways to show your love

In every relationship, no matter for how long you have been involved in it, it is important to show your love. You might know that you love your partner, but unless you show it to him every once in a while, he might start having doubts.

Many relationships have failed simply because the two partners, even though they loved each other, had no idea if the other one still feels the same. Some free relationship advice does no harm and even if you have been with him for years, it’s time to remember how to show your love to your boyfriend.

Here are 10 ways to show your love and to let your partner know you are still crazy about him:

  1. Tell your boyfriend that you love him more often. It is the simplest way to show your love daily.
  2. Just because you are busy, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have time for a kiss. Remember how often you used to kiss when you just met? Do the same now. Even touching him from time to time or holding his hand is going to show him your love.
  3. Cook him dinner or invite him out where you first met or where he proposed (if you are already married). It will bring back memories and it will be a reminder of your love.
  4. Leave him love messages around the house, so that he can discover them when you are not there. Slip a note with a love message in his lunch box. It will make a pleasant surprise.

  5.  10 Simple Ways to Show Your Love

  6. Text him to tell him that you love him when he least expects it or phone him out of the blue just to say “I love you”.
  7. Convince him to take a day off and do the same. Spend all day doing something you both like, but haven’t done in a lot of time because you have been busy. Or just do nothing, stay at home and talk.
  8. Think about special gifts for him. An album with photos of you two or a CD with your song on it are going to tell him that you still love him and you haven’t forgot the small details that have made your life beautiful.
  9. Ask him to dance when your favorite song is on, even though you are in the middle of the kitchen. You will take him by surprise. While dancing, whisper love words in his year.
  10. Let him know that you are still attracted by him. Don’t forget all your flirting tips just because you haven’t flirted with other men. They are good methods of showing your love and also your physical attraction to him.
  11. Do small things that you know he will appreciate. Cook his favorite meal or do some chores you know he hates.

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