6 Signs That He Wants to Break Up with You


Something is wrong with your true love. You went to see your special guy and something just isn’t clicking anymore. Naturally, you’re wondering what’s going on and you’re probably pretty scared that he’s about to drop the big, “It’s not me, it’s you” speech. We all get to this point where we start wondering if things are going to end. Maybe you feel as if things are perfectly fine, but every time that you talk to or discuss something with your boyfriend, it seems as if everything has changed.

The thing about men is that they don’t like breaking up—it’s scary. Tears are involved, bad feelings…it’s much easier to try and get us to break up with them. They develop something called “Break up Syndrome”. So what is the “Break up Syndrome?”

He Doesn’t Have Time for a Relationship Anymore

First of all, he’s busy. A lot. So much that he magically has absolutely no time for you—except nothing has changed. If he’s making dates and breaking them, without an explanation, this is another indication that something is rotten in Denmark. If he’s watching videos on Youtube instead of spending time with you, you should be a bit concerned. It’s really time to start asking yourself “Does He Love Me”?

Your Boyfriend Seem to Avoid You

Secondly, he doesn’t contact you anymore. Ever. If you want to talk to him, you feel like you’re pulling teeth to get him to answer you. Once again, he hasn’t said that he’s busy or anything, he just won’t talk to you. He may seem extremely uninterested in the conversation and also drop hints about needing to go early on.

His Friends Act Weird

Thirdly, it’s feeling a bit frosty on his side—not only from him, but you’re also getting a less than warm reception from his nearest and dearest. Since he probably talks about you with his friends, they probably already know if he’s trying to break up with you. If any of them start asking if you’ve broken up/are still together, you know that it’s coming soon.

He Always Has an Excuse

Then he’s breaking promises. If he says that he’s going to be somewhere, he doesn’t show up and has an excuse such as “I didn’t feel like it,” “I got busy,” “I forgot…,” even if you contacted him to ask about it. Or he might not have an excuse at all and will just completely ignore you when you ask.

He Use “I” Instead of “We”

Fifthly, the “us” factor goes down the drain. If you go from talking about moving together to planning separate holidays, then you can probably kiss the relationship goodbye.

Your Boyfriend Blames You for Everything

Finally, if he’s trying to accuse you, his “true love” of cheating on him, acting weird (if he isn’t already weird) and if he’s trying to make you jealous—like seriously, ready to claw the other person’s eyes out, jealous, then you need to drop him like a hot potato that’s still on fire. At that point, your relationship just isn’t worth repairing anymore.

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    Absolutely correct. Girls should know this so they won’t waste their time anymore. They should observant not ignorant to avoid hurt their feelings.

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