15 Signs That She Is Single

Young Woman Portrait

When men see a woman who attracts them, they want to know if she is single because approaching her otherwise would be embarrassing. If you ready to approach the woman you like, make sure you first look for signs that she is single. These signs can help whether it is about a woman you have just noticed or a woman you know for some time. Figuring out whether or not she’s single may not be determined in just one sitting. Read more »

Greatest Love Stories: Top 10 Best Romantic Movies of All Time

Couple Kissing During Movie

If you are a hopeless romantic and you have just met that special someone, you might need some advice in what concerns things you can do together. One of the best first date ideas is to go see a romantic movie together. It is perfect to be seen with your date when you relationship just begins and you both feel butterflies in your stomach. There are so many great romantic movies that it is difficult to choose the best ones.

Here are top 10 best romantic movies that you can enjoy with your loved one. Read more »

Top 10 Best Gifts for Men

Woman Offering Colorful Present

While many men may not acknowledge that they need gifts the fact is that every man out there appreciates a good gift. The majority of men don’t like to talk about their clothes, jewelry and cosmetics the way women do. This can make it hard for a woman to figure out what her man wants. However, if you pay close attention to what he is hinting towards it is not hard to figure out what to get him. The right gift given at the right time can be a monumental move forward in your relationship. Here are top 10 best gifts for men: Read more »

10 Simple Ways to Show Your Love

ways to show your love

In every relationship, no matter for how long you have been involved in it, it is important to show your love. You might know that you love your partner, but unless you show it to him every once in a while, he might start having doubts.

Many relationships have failed simply because the two partners, even though they loved each other, had no idea if the other one still feels the same. Some free relationship advice does no harm and even if you have been with him for years, it’s time to remember how to show your love to your boyfriend.

Here are 10 ways to show your love and to let your partner know you are still crazy about him: Read more »

10 Little-Known Ways To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous

Make your ex boyfriend jealous

Making your ex boyfriend jealous might be a good strategy to get him back, if this is what you want. However, keep in mind that this can be tricky and the strategy can easily turn against you. There are ways to make your ex boyfriend jealous without necessarily getting yourself another boyfriend. You should avoid doing this if you want to get your ex back, because he might believe that you are completely over him and you’ll lose him forever.

Check the next 10 ways to make your ex boyfriend jealous without hooking up to someone else: Read more »

10 Types of Men Who Will Break Your Heart

types of men to avoid

Types of Men to Avoid

At first glance, he seems the perfect guy. He sweeps you off your cynical feet with nice words, roses, and thoughtful gestures. He tells you to trust him because he is different. You almost believe him and start making future plans. But before you start taking him seriously, stop! He could be one of those men that women should avoid.

No man or woman represents an entire gender. While the guy you are dating might be the right one for you, he may not be Mr. Right for other women. However, there are a few things that you should consider before giving him your heart. Here are 10 types of men to avoid dating: Read more »

Why Men Don’t Like Smart Women – The Cruel Truth

why men don't like smart women

I’m good looking, smart, and classy. Why on earth I am still single? There are thousands of women who ask themselves the same question as you do. Well, maybe you are not as cool as you think. Just kidding…What I want to say is that there are many beautiful and intelligent women who are unable to find their soul mate for no apparent reason. The point is that you can’t make everyone like you and that most men are simple beings who can’t stand women competing with them.

Are You Too Smart for Your Own Good?

“Girls have an unfair advantage over men: if they can’t get what they want by being smart, they can get it by being dumb.”- Yul Brynner Read more »

15 Tips for Finding Love Online


Are you wondering “will I ever find love” and you have no idea where to start looking for it? Have you thought about finding love online? The Internet is becoming a very important part of our lives and we can do all sorts of things online. There are hundreds of dating services and millions of websites offering online dating tips and free relationship advice.

There’s little time left for socializing offline, so why don’t you try to find love where you spend most of your time: online. If you plan to meet singles online, you might find useful the following online dating tips: Read more »

Shaadi.com – Date Asian Singles with Traditional Values

free asian dating Shaadi.com   Date Asian Singles with Traditional ValuesWith over 10 million members, Shaadi.com is one of the largest dating sites for Indians. Established in 1996, this free Asian dating website has helped more than 1.3 million people get married. Over 70% of members are from India. The popularity of this matrimonial service is mostly due to a large member database and a great website design. Shaadi.com has won numerous awards, including the PC World prize for the “best designed matrimonial website.”

This Asian dating service has 150 centers in 87 of India’s cities, which allows members and their families to review together potential matches with a relationship expert. Indian men and women have the opportunity to find a spouse based on traditional values. Shaadi.com provides a phone number and free live help for those need dating advice and relationship tips. Read more »

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