What Details Should I Add To A Dating Profile To Help Find A Partner?

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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Phern Whitley. His post outlines that the best dating websites give you the opportunity to meet singles online. Here are some tips on how create a successful dating profile.

Dating websites are all the rage in this day and age. Many people choose to use their computers as a way to meet singles online in their area. These websites are much more complex that users may originally think. To find an ideal match, dating websites will ask users to fill out a profile and even to answer questions that could be deal breakers for some. When one user’s answers are compared with another user’s answers, the service can provide singles with much better matches based on the criteria that they’ve entered.

While finding a partner through a dating website is easy for some, it may be more difficult for others. By knowing the right things to add to a dating profile, users will find potential matches in no time at all.

What to Say?

The first thing that users should add to their profiles, are interesting facts and traits about themselves. When someone is looking at other’s profiles, they will want to get a good idea of who the person is before deciding whether or not they are a good match for them. Only include positive traits about your personality, appearance, and lifestyle. Try to include information that is unique and stands out from the rest of the website users.

Always give an accurate picture of yourself and your situation without giving too many details. Never discuss your ex-partner for example but you should be open about having children especially as they are an important part of your life. Give an idea of your career and work habits too.

Include a listing of things that would be ideal in the perfect match. Stay away from only the physical attributes, but include things that would be fun to do together, such as hiking, surfing, and more. This will narrow down the potential matches and save time in finding the right one. Those who do not meet your wants will not contact you, which could waste time in finding that special someone.

What Not to Say!

Even though it may be true, you should never specifically say that you are not looking for single parents, overweight persons, or anything that may offend others. It would make you look closed off and unfriendly. Instead you should focus on saying that you are looking for someone tall or over a specific height, or a specific hair colour or eye colour.

Avoid showing your preferences for a specific body type – it makes you look picky or shallow- but say that you are looking for someone who likes the gym, hiking, plays sports or does something you are interested in. It might be you’d prefer a man or women who can down a pint and plays darts but tell people what you are looking for rather than saying no to certain attributes.

 What Details Should I Add To A Dating Profile To Help Find A Partner?

Say Cheese

While looks can only get people so far, it is important to include a few photographs on match profiles. No one is going to want to get to know someone that they have never seen before. A physical connection and attraction is very important in finding the right mate. When adding photos, ensure that they are up to date, are in focus, and show what you really look like. It is not a good idea to add pictures that include members of the opposite sex in them, as people may get the wrong idea even if it’s your brother or sister!

Answer Questions Carefully

Some match making websites ask optional questions to help people give a fuller profile and members can choose to answer them or not. It is a great idea to answer as many questions as possible. Questions may range from asking your opinion on smoking, to political views and stances. By filling out these questions, users will be matched with others who have similar opinions. Again, be careful not to be too judgemental and overly opinionated at this stage it can be a real turn off to see someone on a political rant.


Dating sites are there to help you make that all important connections to another person but you must help yourself by being open to the experience, being honest and open about what you are looking for without being closed off from people, you can always make friends through a dating site too.

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Phern Whitley writes for Lovestruck.com about on-line dating, love and gives relationship advice to people looking to find their perfect partner. Phern has worked for Lovestruck.com for the last two years helping to transform the on-line dating world with location based technology and getting busy people to click. Phern has recently travelled to Singapore and Hong Kong with the Lovestruck team to expend their business in these regions.

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  1. What I would also suggest to people is when creating online profile. Make sure to get the best picture of you. I saw some people use random pictures of them at some party where everyone was like a little bit drunk.

    To make your profile stand out among so many others, try to put your profile with others profiles together and see if your profile whether can stand out or just been buried by others profile.

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