How To Get A Girl’s Number

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By Peter L Mclucas

Every guy finds himself in this situation at least once. You head out for the night with your friends, and you see an amazing woman standing across the bar. Maybe she looks like Angelina Jolie, or maybe she looks like your version of the perfect girl. You want to make a move and ask her for her number, but your friends convince you that you should play it cool. By the time that you decide to make your move, she already left with someone else. If you want to know how to get a girl’s number, you should act confident and remain controlled.

If you simply approach a girl and demand that she give you her number, you will likely find yourself walking back to your friends with your tail between your legs. Women want a man who is confident, but women also want a man who is friendly and outgoing. You shouldn’t ask her for permission to call her because this makes you seem weak. If the two of you hit it off and you feel a connection, do something cute that gets her attention. Reach for her phone, tell her that she should call you sometime and add your number to her phone. She might think that you’re so cute that she wants to give you her number too.

Before you approach her, take a deep breath and think about what you want to say. Telling her that she is the most beautiful woman in the bar lets her know that you compared her to other women. When you look at her, find one thing that appeals to you and makes her attractive. You might love her smile, her eyes or the way she carries herself around the bar. When you approach her, tell her that you love the way she smiles or walks through the crowd. This lets her know that you saw her right away, and this small comment makes her feel special. You can create a great opening line that will not sound cheesy or fake.

 How To Get A Girls Number

If you want to know how to get a girl’s number, you should also know that you need to keep the conversation light and fun. While she might remember the first thing that you said to her, she will also remember other moments from the night. Make sure that you ask her questions about her life, but you should also answer any questions that she has. Women do not like men who remain quiet all night, but women also do not like men who monopolize the conversation. She wants to feel like you are there and that you pay attention to her.

As the night progresses, look for an opening where it makes sense for you to get her number. Mention an upcoming event that you love such as a concert or gallery opening. If she seems interested in the event, suggest that the two of you go together. You can then ask for her phone number as a way to get in touch with her to finalize your plans. This simple tricks works every time, as long as you share similar interests.

You can learn how to get a girl’s number quickly by following a few basic tips. If you act like the man of her dreams, you might find that she gives you her number before you can even ask. You want to make yourself seem special, and you want to make yourself stand out. She needs to know that you are different from all the other men that she normally meets. Once she feels happy and comfortable with you, she will willingly hand over her number.

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