30 Flirting Tips for Men

flirting tips for men

Approaching a woman, especially a beautiful one, is not easy at all. While there are possibly thousands of pick up lines, catch phrases and really great flirting ideas out there, only a few of them actually work. If you want to have the woman you want, you need the right set of personality traits – a great sense of humor, good manners and charisma.

You can use the following flirting tips for men to catch her attention and make her notice you.

1. Relax. The first step in approaching a woman is to be relaxed and show confidence.

2. Walk up to a woman and ask if she is waiting for someone. If she says “perhaps” and smiles, then you can offer to keep her company. Be polite. If she tells you to leave her alone, then you should mind your own business.

3. When flirting with a woman you are seeing for the very first time, make eye contact followed by physical contact such as a touch.

4. Remember every detail. This will help you later.

5. Buy her a drink.

6. Touch her. The big rule in this is to make sure the touch is appropriate.

7. Your “Flirty line” should be followed by a compliment. If the girl you like is really attractive, then she has probably heard all the old clichés. Be original.

8. Start with a few jokes that are really funny. Make her laugh.

9. Look at her body. Show her that you love the way she looks.

10.  Offer to make a toast to the both of you.

11.  Act interested.

12.  Wipe something off her lips very slowly.

13.  Whisper something wicked in her ears.

14.  Say something flattering.

15.  Tell her to go somewhere with you.

16.  Give her space. Women like to take things slow.

17.  Play hard to get.

18.  Grab her hand and ask her to dance with you.

19.  Use words that are clever enough to impress her. Prove that you’re a smart guy.

20.  Make her eager to know you. Don’t tell her everything about you from the first moment you talk.

21.  Be self confident. Nothing turns a woman more than a man who is confident and safe.

22.  Respect her feelings at all times.

23.  Don’t talk about politics or religion.

24.  Never come across as a guy who is just looking for sex.

25.  Don’t go aggressive. Intimidating the woman you like will make her run away and avoid you.

26.  Ask her if she’d like to join you for a walk on the beach.

27.  Never try to flirt with several women at the same time especially when they are all present.

28.  Show interest in what she says. Be a good listener.

29.  Speak slowly and gently.

30.  You should be well dressed and smell good.

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 30 Flirting Tips for Men

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