Top 10 First Date Conversation Topics for a Lasting Impression


First impression really matters and the way conversation goes at the first date might dictate whether or not that relationship is going to continue. Most people don’t have any first date ideas and have no clue on what they should say. This leads to awkward moments and might completely ruin the date. On the other hand, smart and lively conversation turns the date into a success and leaves a long lasting impression.

If you are looking for dating advice, check this top 10 first date conversation topics for a long lasting impression. You don’t have to use them all at your first date. Just go with the flow and see which topic attracts your partner’s attention and on which one you seem to share common opinions.

10. Family and friends: Most people like talking about their family and friends and different funny stories about them come to their minds and keep the conversation going. It’s not advised to go into intimate details on them because it might not be what your partner wants to hear.

9. Latest movies: Movies are a favorite pastime for many people, so discussing the latest ones might allow you to change impressions on them and on the actors.

8. Celebrities gossips: The life of celebrities is usually considered interesting and people know what’s new with their favorite stars.

7. News: It’s hard to be unaware of the latest things that happened in the country or in the world and it’s likely that you both have an opinion on them. Avoid politics and other controversial issues.

6. Work: people are usually passionate and proud of their work and they don’t miss the chance to make their professional accomplishments known. Talking about works also give you the possibility to get to know each other better.

5. Hobbies: Talking about hobbies is relaxing. Who wouldn’t enjoy talking about the things he or she likes most?

4. Holidays: Talking about the place where you spent your last holiday brings back beautiful memories. Hearing about places you’ve never been can also be fun.

3. Plans for the future: Everybody dreams big when it comes to future. Share some of these dreams without being too specific on the first date.

2. Funny stories: Once you get started on telling funny stories, preferably those in which you were personally involved, the conversation is going to last for a while.

1. Things you are both interested in: In order to ensure the success of the first date, after you have been through several different conversation topics, stick to the one that seems to attract the interest of both of you.


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