Meet Random People Using Chatroulette

Chatroulette dating

What started as a buzz became a phenomenon, thousands of people everyday day use chatroulette-type services to get a chance to meet people over the Internet.

As those services brought more control to the content displayed, webcam dating is just speed dating as it purest online, you are just a click away from the next person.

Bazoocam chat started primarily as a French Chatroulette, but its popularity quickly led to offer the service in different countries and even creating a version especially for gay people.

What Is Chatroulette Dating?

In its debuts, chatroulette has quickly turned into a haven for perverts or exhibitionists of all kinds, it quickly became clear that some kind of control had to enforced. To keep indecent behaviours at bay and insure satisfaction to its users, a report system has been put into place in order to tackle inappropriate contents in real time, the aim has always been to create a safe and positive environment to just meet people and chat with other users easily, whoever they are and wherever they are from.

How Does Chatroulette Dating Work?

Since we just rarely end up dating the kind of person we were looking for in the first place, webcam dating is a great way to bring back fate in dating. Also, you can actually hear the voice and see the facial expressions and body language of the person you’re talking to. The interaction level is much higher than any messaging service or web-based chat.

Another advantage is that dating websites are very often plagued by fake profile pictures. It’s very easy to think you like someone and talk with that person for hours only to discover your crush’s profile pictures were fake. That’s obviously not a problem with websites like Bazoocam since it’s much harder to get a convincing fake video than it is to upload a photoshopped picture or someone else’s.

BazooCam Meet Random People Using Chatroulette

The first marriage between a couple who met on Chatroulette took place in 2012. They simply met, chatted for a bit, and one thing just led to another. Each time you click ‘next’ on Bazoocam you just don’t know what to expect. A simple encounter may become a life-changing experience or just provide a good laugh. Musicians, comedians or simply pranksters used chatroulette to perform or make jokes. Youtube has dozens of videos of such original and fun ways of using chatroulette-type services.

If you just want to easily interact with the world, have a good laugh, make some new friends and who knows maybe find a companion, the service is free and just requires a webcam, so why not try your luck and join the millions of people connecting to Bazoocam ?

Image Credit: Stuart Miles

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