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My name is Harriet Bradford and I am a professional freelance writer, editor and web marketing consultant with a background in psychology and business. Just like you, I tried to find a life partner or at least a good friend. I signed up on the most popular dating websites, but only a few of them delivered the results they promised. I have a busy schedule, and spending hours online just to get a date is not what I need.

I strongly believe that modern people need an online portal featuring quality reviews and information on the best dating services. My purpose is not to review the most popular dating sites, but those that are worth your time. Whether you are interested in Christian dating, interracial dating or senior dating, hooray dating can help you find an online dating service that best suits your needs.

hooray dating was recently launched. With all the research I’ve done, I thought it was a good idea to set up an online dating portal that helps people make friends, find a life partner and learn more about the dating world. Then I hired a few writers to help me write the most useful dating articles and reviews available online. I wanted to provide unbiased reviews written by real people.

Someone once told me that I should I create my own advice column and show people how to succeed in the dating world. At that time I was writing for Associated Content and other websites. The dating articles I wrote there were very popular. Some of them brought me up to 3,000 readers in a couple of hours. Many people told me that I’m really good at this stuff, so I decided to start my own business and focus on providing the most unique and creative dating ideas.

hooray dating is designed to save wasted efforts and money. Instead of joining dozens of dating sites or spending hours chatting online, you should rather browse through the large selection of dating articles and reviews to find an online dating service that best serves your purpose. You may also check out the Cupid’s Store for the most unique romantic gifts, online dating guides and fun stuff. When you have time, you can read the newly listed dating articles to get the best dating tips out there. In case you have questions or you need help in the dating world, feel free to contact me.

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Special thanks to Brenda Marie Hoffman, a published freelance writer who contributes to this website on a constant basis. You can see more of her work in her writing portfolio.

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