15 Signs That She Is Single

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When men see a woman who attracts them, they want to know if she is single because approaching her otherwise would be embarrassing. If you ready to approach the woman you like, make sure you first look for signs that she is single. These signs can help whether it is about a woman you have just noticed or a woman you know for some time. Figuring out whether or not she’s single may not be determined in just one sitting.

1. Single women are interested in other men and they show it, while taken ones are rarely looking for other guys when they go out. Those who have a boyfriend don’t bother looking around the club.

2. If it’s the first time you see her, make eye contact and smile. If she notices you and smiles, she might be single.

3. Single women talk to other men and also have a flirty attitude, while those who have a boyfriend avoid these situations.

4. Single women are more talkative than taken ones when it comes to people they have just met. If you see the woman you like talking to other guys from a distance, it may mean that she’s open to conversation.

5. The body language of a woman can tell if she’s single or not. Taken women usually don’t pay attention to what’s happening around them and have a defensive body position.

6. One of the signs that she is single is the fact that you noticed her in a group of single women.

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7. Seeing her once with her friends might not be enough, but noticing her repeatedly in the same company is definitely a sign that she is single.

8. If you see her in the same club several times and she’s talking or dancing with different men, then she is single and wants to meet a guy.

9. Single women put into practice all sorts of flirting tips when talking to men. They play with their hair, they laugh and they say jokes. Taken ones are more reserved in presence of men.

10. One of the clearest signs that she is single is the fact that you accidentally notice her contemplating other couples with a sad look on her face.

11.  If you already know the woman for a while, the fact that she flirts with you tells that she’s single. Laughing, joking, touching you “accidentally” and being slightly provocative are well known flirting tips.

12.  A woman you know for a while is single if she usually talks a lot and gives you plenty of details about her. Spending lots of time with you shows that there’s no guy waiting for her at home.

13.  If a woman is approaching you, you can stop looking for other signs that she is single. She is interested in you and unless she’s in an “open” relationship, she is single.

14.  If you can’t tell from her attitude if she’s single or not, try to subtly show her your interest. If she answers back, you are a lucky man.

15.  In case you can’t notice any of the signs that she is single, but you still feel that she is, it might help to ask somebody who knows her if she’s can be approached or not.

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