15 Signs He Loves You

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You’re sitting there thinking about you and your true love wondering how to know whether he loves you or he simply needs someone to keep him busy. One problem that we have as women is that we get used with the man in our lives easily, unless we first make sure he’s worth our attention—and even then, we can fail. But if you have already “been there, done that”, you may find yourself confused… Here are the main signs that your boyfriend loves you and cares about your feelings:

1. He Seems Interested in You

The man in your life seems interested in you and your loved ones because they are a part of you. Without your family, there would be no you and that is why they are so special for him. He may not be rushing to tell you everything about himself, but he’s willing to listen to you have to say and look after your family and friends’well-being.

2. He Makes You Smile

Your partner enjoys making you smile, even when things are at their darkest. He makes everything possible to get that smile from his real true love.

3. Your Boyfriend Cares About the Way You Feel

He cares about your feelings, including those that were bothering your ex-boyfriends. If he knows that something is going to hurt you or that you’re particularly sensitive to a certain things, he will keep you away from those things because he doesn’t want you to get hurt.

4. He Stays in Touch With You

A man who truly loves you will try to stay in touch with you. He will often call or visit you- not because he is jealous, but because he wants to know how you’re doing.

5. He Wants to Be With You

Your partner tries to spend as much time as possible with you. However, this doesn’t mean that he cares less about you if he goes out with his friends. Just like us, men need a night out from time to time.

6. Your Partner Trusts You

If your boyfriend trusts you both in conversational and emotional matters, then he truly loves you. If he’s willing to open up to you and share his deepest thoughts, then there is a chance that he loves and trusts you enough to do so.

 15 Signs He Loves You

7. He Makes Compromises Just to Be With You

Your partner makes everything he can to be with you. Even if he planned to go out with the guys or visit his mom, he stays with you when you ask him to do it.

8. He Makes You Feel Beautiful and Self-Confident

Your boyfriend tells you how much he cares about you—just because. Every day he does or says something special to make you feel beautiful. If he’s only telling that you’re attractive when he wants something, you might as well kiss him goodbye.

9. He Cares About Details

If your partner is always trying to surprise you with flowers, gifts or compliments, then he’s worth your attention. The fact that he’s offering you gifts out of nowhere doesn’t mean that he did something wrong.

10. He Shows You Affection

Your boyfriend likes to stay close to you without being too close. He shows affection towards you in public. True, it might only be a little peck on the cheek, but it’s still more than most men would do.

11. His Gifts Are Meaningful

The man in your life only offers you gifts with a special meaning. He doesn’t do the “Uhhh…what can I buy her? Wait! She has a kitchen—she must like skillets!” routine. (Just a tip for the men—if you buy your special lady a skillet, don’t be surprised if it collides with your head at some point in time. The same goes with marble rolling pins. I’m just saying.)

12. He Is Always There for You

A man who is in love enjoys helping the woman next to him. Keep in mind that if you’re the type of gal who normally fends for herself, this might be harder to accept, but by breaking down those walls and letting him help (and helping him), you can both see what it would be like working as a team.

13. He Tells You How Your Future Will Look Like

Your boyfriend talks to you about your future as a couple—but not too much at once. He does it from time to time, suggesting that you could try this or that in the near future. If he’s ready to jump up and marry you after one or two weeks…then you should forget about him. A man who cares about you will try to get to know you better before asking you to marry him.

14. He’s Not Afraid to Say “I Love You”

He says, “I love you,” just because. However, if your boyfriend says, “I love you” only when he wants something, then it’s time to revaluate your relationship.

15. He Tells You the Truth

If you ask your boyfriend what his day was like, he tells you immediately. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about him. The way he does things prove his worth and you don’t feel as if you can’t trust him. This is a sure sign that you are his one and only true love.

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